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Van Vlog!

Here are all my van vlogs in one playlist!


I’ve not written as many articles recently, but I’ve been BUSY making video. Check out my Symphony For Happiness Channel for more!

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10 Rules For Van Living:

Some are winter rules and some are just van rules. 

  1. Never get wet. If there’s no source of heat in your van, clothes can take days to dry or simply go mouldy. If you do get wet, it’s unpleasant but quickest to actually wear your clothes until they dry. Having to do that a few days running quickly puts you off ever getting wet.
  2. No shoes in the van’s living area – same reason as above. Keep some in-van slippers if you must.
  3. Keep electrical things in drybags. Condensation, literally caused by you breathing, can wreck your laptop so keep it safely in a dry bag when not in use. By now, you’ve got idea I’m sure – most of these rules are about combating wetness and damp during the Great British wintertime.
  4. Where possible, take the stove outside the van to cook, otherwise everything you own will smell of whatever you’ve cooked, forever.
  5. Wear thermal underwear all the time… Do I need to explain why?
  6. Never leave the laptop or guitar in the van. Just my personal rule. Those two things I could neither live without nor afford to replace, so I don’t leave the van without them.
  7. Don’t go to the toilet in the van, if you don’t have a toilet in the van.
  8. Don’t leave the lids off anything ever. Don’t spill a full bottle of sesame oil in van which contains everything you actually own (I didn’t do that… honest).
  9. Before getting out of the van, check for huge puddles / quicksand / sharks.
  10.  If your van is too low to stand up in, remember not to stand up.
  11. Never get wet… did I mention that already?


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