“Symphony For Happiness” is the music and lifestyle weblog of the Singer-Songwriter, Kimwei : One voice, one guitar and a whole new world of sound.


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Connect with Kimwei at facebook.com/kimweidotcom


Kimwei’s trousers are provided by Road Jeans. She has this to say about them:

I’ve worn Road Jeans and cords almost exclusively for the past 10 years. It goes without saying that I love the fit and look, but I also love putting them on every morning, knowing that everyone involved in making them was paid a decent living wage. Road have a strong mission statement, and really do make great clothes that last for years despite constant wear!




2 responses to “About

  1. I somehow stumbled across your cycling blog, and as a cycle blogger myself I was given hope to see that someone besides myself has attempted a fixed century. I have now changed my goal to something of a more grandiose undertaking. Check out my cycle blog if you have a spare minute. http://www.fixedcyclist.com
    Enjoy the journey on whatever path life chooses to take you -Eric-

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