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Sleeping On The Floor – My Solution Revealed

I’ve been learning to sleep on the floor for some time now, having both read about its benefits and wanting to become more adaptable when I’m travelling and couch surfing… or floor surfing perhaps.

Finally, after 9months of practice, on and off, I’ve decided what I want to sleep on. It’s the most sophisticated sleep technology known to mankind and for a good night’s sleep, I was willing to break the bank. Here’s what I got:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 16.27.45.png

I’m not kidding. This £13 luxurious foam mat is what I settled on. Don’t get me wrong, I tried the £9/£6 model and there was no contest.

The reason it took my so long to decide was simply that as I practiced sleeping on the floor, my body started to change and adapt. After my first week, the floor felt more like a hard mattress and a soft mattress felt weird. By the time months had passed I preferred a firm futon to anything else and didn’t mind a floor. But floors still felt hard, or more to the point, cold. I bought a cheap sleeping mat but found that my arms rolled off it and I’d still wake up with cold body parts.

In the end, a luxury (thickest available, widest available) foam mat turned out to be the answer. I finally decided after sleeping on a nursery play mat for a whole week’s house sit, baffled by my choosing this over the real bed I was offered. I don’t know if I’ll want to sleep on it full time, but it’s a great solution for travelling and staying with people who might only have person-shaped-floor-space for me and nothing more. With this, I can feel confident that I’ll get a good night’s sleep wherever I go, in what feels like “my own bed”


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