New Solo Guitar Video – Thinking ‘Round Corners

Track 3 from my EP – Sonic Structures For The Streets, as part of my project to create “live” YouTube videos of all six pieces.

(A down-tempo version of ‘Thinking ‘Round Corners’ features in my entry Guitar Masters 2016. Please click through and give it a “thumbs up” to VOTE for me in the competition before 30.08.2016)

I’ve always loved the hypnotic sound of this piece, which doesn’t feel entirely mine. To me, this was the piece the guitar wanted to play, rather than the piece I wanted to write. It was like it was waiting to be found inside the instrument. This acoustic has a signature sweet and mellow tone that the main theme relies on. It was the first piece I wrote on this guitar as I was finding my way around it and responding to its unique tone. The only other time that’s happened for me was writing the shimmering ukulele part for Music For Three Ukulele’s / Standing on The Edge – that was actually composed by accident, recorded as an improvisation intended to go with an eBay listing to SELL the instrument, so the little uke must have been fighting for its life not to be sold!

Do you have any compositions like that?


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