Guitar Vlog 2 – Choosing an Acoustic Guitar For Percussive Playing/Tapping/Fingerstyle

My 2nd guitar based vlog, responding the question I’m often asked about whether my guitar is made specifically for percussive playing/tapping. I really enjoy my guitar and it ticks all the boxes (although I’d prefer a deeper bass drum sound, but you can’t have everything). If you’re getting started as a percussive player, please don’t be put off by thinking you can’t start until you buy a special guitar for tapping, but do make sure your guitar can do it’s job well. If your current guitar can’t say, hold it’s tuning in far out open tunings, that too is no reason to put off getting started with some drop tunings.

For those experienced percussive players watching, what do you look for in a guitar? What have I missed?

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