Guitar Star Episode 1 

 On June 9th 2015 I performed in Episode 1 of Guitar Star, Sky Arts’ new music show and guitar competition ( ). I know what you’re thinking, but I wouldn’t have entered at all unless I was totally convinced that this show is nothing like X-factor. It’s about celebrating the guitar and musicians. Truly. 

Even though I make music videos all the time, it was strange to see myself on film. It was lovely to know I’d been picked to audition out of 1000 applicants, and to meet such a diverse set of musicians.

But the strangest thing for me was the ‘competition’ aspect of the show. I never really see music or art in that way so the concept of a music competition seemed like a contradiction in terms. How can anybody be in the right mindset to create something beautiful whilst thinking to themselves ‘I wonder if I’m going to win’? 

Yet this is TV and the idea of a competition is probably more appealing to viewers than competitors

I do think that this TV show will be very positive for the guitar and how guitarists are viewed. The audition for me was simply day out, performing to an incredibly receptive crowd. I’d have happily played them a full set! It was also wonderfully affirming to get encouraging feedback from Nitin Sawney, Huey Morgan and Helen Sanderson – that in itself is an experience you can’t buy. 
Wish me luck in the Acoustic Heats, which will air on Sky Arts, 8pm 30.06.201


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