Secret Gig Album Launch & How I Took A Double Bed To The Beach

Two special dates are coming up this week. The first is on Friday 18th July; it’ll be a month since I reached £0 and started working my way back up from nothing. The second is my album launch in Exeter on Sunday 20th July! This is big news, as it’s happened quite quickly, as someone just offered up their living room in central Exeter through my Kickstarter page. Follow this link for more details, since it’s a Secret Gig – the exact location won’t be revealed until the night before!

secret_gig logo-20thjulySo much has happened in the last month. The bank balance hovered around the £10 mark for a while and I was filling up the van in quarter-tanks, but now, I’m proud to announce that I’m a “hundredaire”.

Of course, a key part of my ascent to dazzling riches has been busking. Back in May I began busking along the south coast, but it felt wrong because I still had money in the bank. That’s when I conceived The £0 Challenge and vowed to let my money run out before trying to earn again. This weekend I was back on the coast, thinking how different it feels to be busking there now. Before I was always be calculating how much was in being dropped in the hat, worrying about whether I would make much beyond fuel and subsistence for the day. Since my money experiment, I’ve been carefree and singing “Hakuna Matata” with all the enthusiasm of a warthog who really has transcended any worries concerning his flatulence! People have generally contributed what I needed – no need to worry.

Can you guess the town from this photo of a local boat with an excellent name?

Can you guess the town from this photo of a local boat with excellent name?

So, after a day’s work at an undisclosed coastal town, I drove to the beach, where the van stalled on arrival and wouldn’t re-start. I ignored it and went to the beach anyway, wondering about calling the recovery services later on. After sea, sand, dinner and some time feeding the ducks, it was getting dark and I returned to find the carpark gates locked. Ah well…

An evening locked in at the beach.

An evening locked in at the beach.

There was nothing for it but to stay the night in the van, or even better, to drag my bed out onto the grass by the beach. After finding an ideal spot, I fell asleep to the sound of ducks quacking. Goodness knows what all the morning dog walkers thought, passing by not a discreet tent, but a full double bed, complete with pillows, sheepskin, bright red duvet cover and bordered with candles.

The van is now back in Exeter, having been rescued and recovered to outside a mechanic friend’s house. It’s awaiting fixing. If anyone knows a cure for “old van syndrome” even better. A van breakdown used to really panic me, but it’s amazing how much less stressful everything feels since The £0 Challenge. I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone who is thinking of trying it.


Get Kimwei’s new album by pledging to her Kickstarter page:

Go the Secret Gig Album Launch, Exeter, Sunday July 20th

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