Why Making A Kickstarter Page Made Me Think Of Donald Duck

So, the Kickstarter page goes live today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kimwei/refraction-and-redemption-a-new-album , and runs till August 23rd. It features the first video I’ve ever made in the van. Terrifyingly the page states that the project will only be funded if the target is met. Woah – scary stuff! Hope everyone who reads this pledges at least £1 though, because currently that’s the only way to get a copy of my new album I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth every penny! Other than pledge, the best thing you can do to help is to share the above link, or this youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6L1IJpJphk

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I thought hard about how I’d make a Kickstarter page that fits in with my ideals. Would I be willing to create merchandise when I’m against wasting the planet’s resources? How much funding is reasonable to ask for? I found myself continually coming back to the wisdom of a cartoon character from my youth – The Lucky Duck. The Lucky Duck says, ask for no more than you need and you’ll be provided for.

Whilst dismantling the concept of money, I also find myself thinking about the ideas that surround money – lack and fear of lack, excess, consumerism, paranoia. How do we know that we will get what we need in life, and how can we know how much we really need? Britian is a 1st world country with enough food to feed us all, yet some 1million people cannot afford enough to eat whilst other’s have so much more than they really need.

un-business cards - doing things the sustainable way.

un-business cards – doing things the sustainable way.

When these mysteries haunt me, I think of The Lucky Duck.

Donald Duck was my childhood hero. He shared a comic strip with Daisy Duck and his nephews mainly, but every so often “The Lucky Duck” would appear too. He was always having the best of luck and things always went smoothly for him. Donald hated him for it. In my favourite comic, Donald is angry when Lucky finds a coin in the street, saying “How come you find money in the street and I don’t?” Then Donald spots a wallet on the ground, stuffed with cash and counts himself lucky. “That belongs to someone,” says Lucky “you should hand it in to the police.” But Donald is adamant that he will keep it.

Just then, a huge fierce guy nearby turns up who’s lost his wallet. It’s the one Donald picked up and the assumption is that Donald has been pickpocketing. The enormous man beats him up and takes back what’s his. Whilst Donald lies dazed on the pavement, Lucky says “Look what I’ve just found – a box of plasters for you.”

Even though it’s just a kid’s story, I remember it clearly even to this day. Not only is there a luckyducksense of karmic justice, but a more profound lesson about taking only what you need.

Lucky Duck waddles carefree through the world, happening upon just what he needs and taking nothing more. He exists day by day, relying confidently on the fact that he will be provided for because he’s not asking the Earth. Donald does want the whole world and as such, he doesn’t get it and is miserable. He wants more than he needs and tries to take it. Ultimately, I would argue that even if Donald got everything he wanted it wouldn’t make him happy.

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