What’s more popular? Bikes or Music?

This morning I was with a bunch of music friends from University and we were chatting about how to get more traffic on our weblogs. I showed them the stats for my cycleblog verses my music blog and in honesty we were all baffled. I’m the same person and the same writer, promoting both weblogs similarly, yet writing about cycling has generated at least 10 times the interest that writing about music has. Even though I have all but closed my cycleblog (fulltimefixie.wordpress.com), the existing posts still enjoy many more views than my regularly fed “Symphony For Happiness” music and lifestyle weblog.

Clearly, the answer is to bring it all together and do gigs on a Fixie bicycle. Oh it’s been done of course, travelling from one gig to the next on a bike, but what about gigs on the cycle path? I’m talking about meet-me-on-the-topsham-towpath-at-sunset-and-I’ll-play-you-some-songs sort of gigs. The river will be beautiful on a nice spring evening and we can all go to the Double Locks for a drink when it gets dark. Ninja gigs, Amanda Palmer style, staged on popular cycle routes? Any takers?

Moye_BurnCurtain_DonQuixote_Sun_001 (1)

It could be the next big thing. After all, Burn The Curtain Theatre do a play on bicycles, even including a double-decker mountain bike ( http://burnthecurtain.co.uk/dq/ ). I tell you, it’s a rare treat to see them training on the Topsham towpath.

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