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“Like my page! Like my page!” – The Familiar Cry Of The Unsigned Musician

Any sensible musician would Share this post! Let’s see if we can make it go viral!

Have you noticed that your unsigned musician friend has taken to sending you messages and posting statuses saying “Like my page”, “Join my mailing list”, “Share my video”. You may love the stream of new and exciting music that’s falling into your lap, or you may detest it. Either way, let me explain what’s going on.

Showing online support for your favourite unsigned artist isn’t just a nice gesture. It’s a major way to help them get gigs, get on the radio, get on TV or get a record deal.

Facebook and social media IS the new secret weapon of the unsigned musician. Have you ever wondered why musicians are so obsessed with getting “Likes” and youtube plays (etc)? It’s because any time an agent, festival or record company considers offering a musician an opportunity, they judge them on their facebook page. No matter how good the music is, if there isn’t a big social media buzz, then there’s no point in booking that musician to play at Glastonbury, or Hammersmith O2.

So that’s the secret really. I can’t count how many times have people asked me “Why aren’t you on TV? You’re much better than the people who get on TV”.  Well, I’m flattered that you think so, and I appreciate the compliment, but did you know that the best way to help me make that happen is to Like my facebook page, and share my online videos with your friends? Buying the music is good too, but social media support helps no end AND it’s free!

Any time you Like a local or unsigned musician’s facebook page, not only are you helping them to get more opportunities, you also deciding who gets put on our screens, stages and iPods. Supporting local/unsigned/independent music is a fantastic way of taking the power away from Major Record Labels, by saying “no, we’re not just listening to Radio 1”.

Of course no-one should be posting too often about their music – that’s spamming. A sensible musician would never want to do that. It alienates people.

But here’s my plea:

Please, if you like someone’s music, take that extra step, and Like the facebook page. Even if you end up hiding the feed because you’d rather just go to the page when you want to hear about that musician, please Like the page anyway. It’ll make all the difference to that artist or band. Share the music with your friends, on their facebook wall, or in a message, and explain to them how much it would help if they pressed “Like” too.

Go and check out a local musician today, and choose the music you want to listen to.



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